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A philosophy of responsibility

As a leading fish supplier, it is our responsibility to conduct our business in an ethical and sustainable manner that promotes healthy, abundant oceans today and for future generations. By monitoring the pressing issues of our industry and continuing to educate ourselves about new, sustainable fish species and aquafarmed sources, we diligently work to maintain fish supplies around the world.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We follow and participate in the guidelines set by the world-leading experts in aquaculture, fish health and welfare and environmental management.

We work only with partners who follow ethical practices and strong environmental management in their fishing or farming operations.

We equip our customers with education and knowledge, allowing them to make sustainable business decisions that support the well-being of our industry and the environment.

We continually seek out new products and develop new solutions and programs to foster customer success within the guidelines of sustainability and environmentally responsible seafood choices.

Industry Resources for Sustainability