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New Skuna Bay salmon making its way to Twin Cities menus

Jan. 31, 2013By: Jess Fleming

There's a new fish in town, and it will be appearing on a menu near you. The folks at Skuna Bay salmon and the Fish Guys threw a launch party last week -- yes, a launch party for fish -- to introduce food writers and chefs to the sustainably farm-raised salmon. Chefs at the hot new Minneapolis restaurant Borough prepared four courses of Skuna Bay salmon for us, and half of the preparations were raw so we could really taste the fish.

The fish was, in a word, good. It's mild, slightly fatty and definitely luscious enough to serve raw. Of course, it didn't hurt that some amazing chefs were preparing it. My favorite course had the fish prepared two ways -- poached with a light dusting of spices and rye bread crumbs, and a seared little disk of salmon mousse, served over beet spaetzle and celery. A mild horseradish broth, poured tableside, brought the whole dish together.

The salmon are raised in icy waters off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. The farms are so remote that fishermen spend six days there and eight days at home, since commuting daily back to civilization is not possible. The fish are shipped by truck, not air, and that, representatives say, gives the company a lower carbon footprint and more control over the temperature at which the fish is kept. Skuna Bay salmon, available in a few select markets in the U.S., has just launched in the Twin Cities, and the Fish Guys are distributing it to some high-end local restaurants. The salmon on Borough's menu is priced at $19. Jess Fleming can be reached at 651-228-5435. Follow her at