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The Fish Guys Partner with Minneapolis Market

Jan. 29, 2015By: The Fish Guys

The Fish Guys do business with the philosophy of responsibility and respect. From our fishing partners, to our customers, our people, our products, our environment and our community, it is critical to us to treat each person with respect and dignity. Holding true to our values, last summer we became a partner of the Minneapolis Market, a program to help families in need access healthy food.

The Minneapolis Market is a Neighborhood Food Club. Their vision is to infuse hope into the lives of those who are hungry with their innovative food club. Minneapolis Market offers memberships to qualified individuals and families who don’t have enough food and are in need of assistance. Through memberships, members shop the Minneapolis Market grocery store for fresh and healthy foods. In turn, each member has a required amount of hours they must work in the store.

This innovative food club model provides members with food for their families as well as a sense of accomplishment in learning new skills and contributing to the Minneapolis Market. There are two types of memberships: Give Members, those who shop and pay full price to support the program, and Save Members, those that shop at a large discount or for free.

The Fish Guys is proud to be a supporting partner by donating over 500 pounds of frozen seafood to the Minneapolis Market last year. Having fresh-frozen seafood choices in the store for the members offers healthy meal options for their families. It’s a great way to provide and show respect for everyone involved.

Currently closed, the Minneapolis Market will re-open in March with a new store called, The Good Grocer on Lake Street featuring a larger space and more options for their members. The Fish Guys will continue to donate frozen seafood to the organization.  We are also looking to expand the market’s seafood and fish offerings by sourcing great, quality fish options that are cost effective for the members.

We look forward to continuing to support the Minneapolis Market when the new store, Good Grocer, opens in March.




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