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Ozone Technology for the Freshest Seafood

Jun. 13, 2014By: The Fish Guys

The Fish Guys continually brings the freshest seafood to the Midwest not only from our worldwide fishing partnerships but also with innovative food service technology. For over four years, The Fish Guys has integrated the Ozone International WhiteWater System into our processing facility to provide a 100% organic cleaning and sanitizing system using a patented combination of ozone and water. 

The WhiteWater Ozone System is the use of ozone infused water to destroy bacteria, fungus and viruses on fish and the cutting surfaces, extending the shelf life of our seafood an additional 2-7 days. Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms, O3.  Ozone is environmentally friendly and has been used as one of nature's most powerful organic sanitizers for years as it safely reacts with organic matter producing oxygen as its only by-product.  The USDA accepted ozone technology as safe and suitable in 2001 and the FDA approved ozone as an antimicrobial agent for food in 2001. Ozone technology both sanitizes and cleans by utilizing a high-pressure water stream alongside the traditional low-pressure ozone-infused water stream to eliminate additional cleaning methods and chemicals.

The Fish Guys has been and continues to utilize the Ozone "green" technology as an organic way to clean and sanitize our production facility during the entire production process. Ozone is continuously sanitizing and cleaning as it is applied directly onto product during nearly every phase of production, from the whole fish stage to heading & gutting, skinning & deboning, and final packaging. 

At The Fish Guys bringing you the best seafood, safely and with the newest technology is just the way we do business. Our Ozone system provides a food safety solution while improving the shelf life of our seafood in an environmentally friendly way. 



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