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The Fish Guys and Urban Organics

Apr. 8, 2014By: The Fish Guys

Bringing our customers the freshest and best quality fish we can, The Fish Guys is pleased to share our new fish partner, Urban Organics, for locally-supplied Tilapia to area grocery stores and restaurants.

Urban Organics, one of only two USDA-certified organic aquaponics farms in the nation, is located in the historic Hamm's Brewery on the east side of St. Paul. The project began two years ago where fish and plants to help each other grow, creating a fully sustainable, closed loop method of farming to provide healthy food right in the heart of the city.

Aquaponics is a system of growing fresh produce by using fish waste from the Tilapia. There are four, 3,000-gallon fish tanks that can each hold 1,000 fish. The water containing waste from the fish is released from the tanks through gravity and seeps into a filtration system designed by Golden Valley-based Pentair. The filtration system removes sludge making the water clean and filled with nitrates. The water is then pumped into rows of vegetables growing underneath fluorescent lights. This all happens without any dirt — the roots dangle free in the water, soaking up nitrates. At peak production, the facility is estimated to grow 720,000 pounds of organic produce and raise 150,000 pounds of Tilapia.

We have the local Tilapia available for your establishment now. The fresh vegetables are available in Lunds and Byerly's.



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